LOGE User Meeting 2018

Early May, the entire LOGEteam met up in Lund to attend the second edition of our LOGE User Meeting. For those who couldn’t attend the meeting, presentations are now available for download and reading.  A warm thank you to the users, colleagues and partners who attended the meeting.

Presentation by Users

Contact us if you want to hear more about what we presented at the meeting: contact@logesoft.com

May Newsletter!

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Online seminar: ICE simulation work flow using the LOGEsoft suite

When:  Tuesday, May 15th, 10:00am EDT/16:00 CET

The live online seminar will introduce all new features of our latest product releases LOGEengine v3.0.4, LOGEresearch v1.10, as well as the newly born LOGEtable v1.0. Thereafter, a hands-on demonstration of the complete combustion analysis work-flow will be covered with special emphasis on internal combustion engine applications.

Online seminar Outline

  • Company introduction and software suite overview
  • Theoretical background
  • Hands-on demonstration of LOGEtable v1.0 and LOGEengine v 3.0.4
  • Overview of the combustion analysis work-flow

Who Should Attend?

LOGEsoft suite is widely used in the automotive industry for both passenger car and heavy-duty engine development. All engineers working within internal combustion engine research and pre-development divisions may find the online seminar very useful as well as engine calibration engineers / specialists.

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We’re in Detroit!

Visit us at our booth (# 11038) at the SAE WCX Conference in Detroit from April 10-12.

LOGE presentations in conjunction with the SAE:



Latest news on LOGEsoft research

Corinna Netzer’s presentation in conjunction with the  CONVERGE User Conference in Bologna on March 21,  is now available for online reading and download from our online research library. 

For those attending Cray and SAE in Detroit, there’s two new opportunities to listen to Corinna’s latest research on LOGEsoft.



  • Title “Impact of formulation of fuel surrogates on engine knock prediction”
  • Corinna Netzer’s presentation: 1:00 – 1:20 PM
  • Link to conference and agenda: http://www.erc.wisc.edu/imem/agenda.php

Don’t forget to visit our booth (# 11038) at the SAE WCX Conference in Detroit from April 10-12.


We are looking forward to exhibit at SAE WCX 2018 in Detroit on April 10 -12. The SAE is always the highlight of the year and we are very excited for this year’s congress. Visit us at our booth #11038 where we will demonstrate our simulation software technology. Please contact us today should you want to schedule a meeting with us during WCX.


Join us in Bologna

LOGE will be a proud sponsor during the 2018 CONVERGE User Conference in Bologna, Italy, March 19-23.

Visit us at our booth where we will showcase our advanced tools for enhanced prediction and computational performance in CONVERGE.

Click here for further information about the tools that will be presented: LOGEapi, LOGEtable and LOGEfuel

At the conference, Corinna Netzer, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, will give a presentation with the title “A Computationally Efficient Combustion Progress Variable (CPV) Approach for Engine Applications”.

New releases

Today we are releasing the latest addition to our simulation software suite LOGEsoft: LOGEtable, an intuitive and user-friendly chemistry table generator. We’re also releasing new versions of LOGEresearch, LOGEapi and LOGEengine. All updates are available for existing users of LOGEsoft. Further information about our releases can be found on our User Site or in our latest e-newsletter.

LOGEtable is an intuitive and user-friendly table generator designed to ease generation of detailed chemistry tables. LOGEtable works with your own chemical mechanisms and with LOGEfuel mechanisms.

The generated auto-ignition tables can be used in LOGEengine or in LOGEapi’s interfaces with CONVERGE v. 2.2.0_030416, 2.2.0_042916, CONVERGE v. 2.3.15, 2.3.17, 2.3.25 and GT-Power 2017.  The required simulation time can be up to two orders of magnitude shorter than with online chemistry.

LOGE User Meeting 2018

We are pleased to invite you to our LOGE User Meeting 2018, May 3-4 in Lund, Sweden.
The meeting will start Thursday morning the 3rd and end early Friday afternoon the 4th so everyone will be able to get home in reasonable time. Ensure you take this opportunity for education and training with other users as well as with your LOGE team . We will have plenty of time these two days to socialize, discuss, exchange experience and learn from each other. The meeting is free of charge including lunch and dinner on the 3rd. Contact us regarding accommodation and/or how to get to Lund.

Do you want to present at the meeting? Please email us at: contact@logesoft.com

To register, please email us at: contact@logesoft.com

We are looking forward to connecting and learning from all of you.

Real Time Engine Simulations in LOGEengine 3.0 – on demand online seminar

Thank you for attending our online seminar “Real Time Engine Simulations in LOGEengine 3.0”.
We hope you enjoyed the presentation!

Click here to view the on-demand online seminar.

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