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Research/Development Engineer

LOGE AB is a small, dynamic company with offices in Sweden and Germany. We develop software for combustion simulations and we have an international customer base. Our main products are LOGEsoft and LOGEfuel.  At our offices at Ideon, Lund, we are currently four employees. We are looking for an engineer interested in physics, programming and combustion to join the team.

Primary Tasks

  • Development of scientific models and further development of pre-existing software
  • Implementation and maintenance of interfaces with third party software such as GT-Power
  • Technical documentation
  • Customer support
  • Preparation of and assistance with production of marketing materials such as news letters, videos, flyers and webinars
  • International travel and customer visits are an integral part of the job

Desired Qualifications

  • M. Sc. in engineering physics, engineering mathematics or similar.
  • Research experience is a plus.
  • Excellent English skills are necessary, German is a big plus.
  • Programming experience; at LOGE we use Fortran, C/C++ and Java.
  • Experience of software development for both Windows and Linux, using graphical IDEs as well as command line tools.
  • Ability to translate physics into partial differential equations and numerical implementation.
  • Knowledge of computational fluid dynamics.
  • Parallel programming (e.g. MPI and OpenMP).
  • Knowledge of internal combustion engines and chemical kinetics is meritorious, as is experience of real time programming and algorithms.

    We can offer a varying job in a laid-back team. As part of a small company you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in different fields such as software development, testing, algorithm development and combustion physics. The job will start with a six-month probationary period. Applicants must have a valid Swedish work permit and the ability to travel worldwide. Does this sound interesting? Send your application including a cover letter and CV as soon as possible to: contact[at]logesoft.com

Thesis work

Master’s Thesis, 30ECTS,

Autumn 2018/Spring 2019

Lund, Sweden

Simulation of combustion using 3D-CFD is today a natural part of the engine development process. During the last years, combustion models of different complexity have been made available in commercial software. The CFD engineer using the software, wants as short computational turn-around time as possible and therefore needs to make a compromise between CPU time and generality of the combustion model. Often, the engineer choses to use either a flamelet-based combustion model, or a well-stirred reactor based combustion model. These models are however only valid under certain turbulent length- and time-scales. Within the thesis project you will investigate if it is possible to combine these combustion models and how to do it in practice. To validate the hybrid model, experimental data from engine tests will be available. LOGE has previously developed and implemented both models, however the combined model has not been developed previously. During the thesis project, you will have the possibility to learn theoretical and practical aspects of turbulent combustion. You will gain insights into how modern simulation software is used, and how you can implement your own models into an existing framework using C/C++ and Fortran. Furthermore, you will learn how to efficiently analyse large quantities of data from simulations, how to relate your results to theory, and how to assess if the results are physically reasonable.

Your background
You have a desire to apply your skills in physics, programming and mathematics in practice. It is advantageous if you have studied fundamental combustion, fluid mechanics and partial differential equations, however most important for a successfully completed thesis is that you like physics and computer programming.

Are You interested, please send your transcript of records to: andrea.matrisciano@logesoft.com

For further questions please email: contact@logesoft.com