Real Time Engine Simulations in LOGEengine 3.0 – on demand online seminar

Thank you for attending our online seminar “Real Time Engine Simulations in LOGEengine 3.0”.
We hope you enjoyed the presentation!

Click here to view the on-demand online seminar.

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The Nordic Flame Days

The Nordic Flame Days The Flame Days 2017 will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 10 -11, and is arranged by the Swedish and Finnish National Committees of International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) and the Scandinavian-Nordic Section of the Combustion Institute (CINS). We are very proud to announce that Harry Lehtiniemi, LOGE AB, will present a paper entitled “Soot Modelling with CMC using Tabulated Chemistry” during the second day of the meeting, session 6B.

We look forward to meeting you in Stockholm!