New product releases!

Today we are releasing new versions of LOGEtable and LOGEapi.

LOGEtable v.1.2.0
LOGEtable is specifically designed to ease generation of chemistry tables. In addition to many performance improvements, this major release features a standard format reaction mechanism
reader as well as a whole new environment for laminar flame speed table generation.

Download LOGEtable here

LOGEapi v.1.2.0
Our computationally efficient CPV combustion model for CONVERGE has gotten faster and better. This new major release includes several speed-ups, an improved treatment of the expansion phase as well as compatibility with newer versions of CONVERGE:

  • 2.4.19
  • 2.4.20

Download LOGEapi here

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines day to all engine lovers out there!


LOGEsoft’s increasing role in the automotive industry was once again demonstrated at the 1st International Conference on SMART Energy Carriers in Naples, Italy, in January, with one presentation and two posters in the scientific research section presenting results from LOGEsoft. The contributions to the conference are now uploaded to our research library.