FVV 2018 Autumn Conference

We are pleased to announce that Tim Franken, Brandenburg University of Technology,  will present a poster with the title “Water Injection in Spark-Ignition Engines” at FVV 2018 Autumn Conference in Würzburg, September 27-28.

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Thiesel 2018

On September 11-14, combustion engines developers from all over the world will meet in Valencia, Spain in conjunction with the THIESEL Conference on Thermo-and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Direct Injection Engines.

If you are attending this event come and listen to Tim Franken, Brandenburg University of Technology, when he present his poster on Wednesday 12th between 2:40 pm and 3:20 pm.

This work presents a methodology to utilize the zero-dimensional (0D) direct injection (DI) stochastic reactor model (SRM) for multi-objective diesel engine parameter optimization to reduce fuel consumption and NOx emissions. To reduce the computational cost of the 0D SRM simulations the reaction-progress-variable-based tabulation strategy of Matrisciano et al. is applied.