LOGEsoft is a state-of-the-art software suite that enables fast and accurate simulation, calculation and analysis of complex chemical processes such as combustion, emission formation and exhaust after treatment. The tools are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemical, marine and power generation.


LOGEsoft includes: LOGEresearch, LOGEengine and LOGEapi.

LOGEfuel is a standardised and stand alone reaction mechanism database and a natural companion to LOGEsoft. It contains schemes for a range of representative fuel mixtures.


The ultimate simulation tool to investigate reactive flows using complex chemical kinetics.

  • 0-D homogenous reactors
  • 0-D stochastic reactors
  • Combustion, soot and NOx table generator
  • and more...
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  • LOGEresearch
  • LOGEengine

    The simulation tool specifically designed for analysis and development of internal combustion engines.

    • Heat release and mixing time analysis
    • Automatic calibration of engine operating parameters
    • Full engine map extrapolation
    • GT-power integration
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  • LOGEengine
  • LOGEapi

    The state-of-the-art collection of chemistry solver APIs to boost prediction and computational performance of your 3rd party computational fluid dynamic solver.

    • Direct chemistry solutions
    • Tabulated chemistry solutions
    • ...and more
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  • LOGEapi
  • LOGEfuel

    The perfect ally of LOGEsoft to comprehensively and efficiently model combustion of advanced fuel mixtures.

    • Constantly improved database of surrogate fuels
    • Tailor made chemical kinetic mechanisms for advanced analysis
    • ...and more
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  • LOGEfuel
  • LOGEnanosurf

    A powerful Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation tool to model surface reactions at the atomic dimension.

    • Modelling of surface growth and heterogeneous catalytic surface reactions.
    • Constantly upgraded database of semiconductor and metal surfaces.
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  • LOGEnanosurf
    • Our software helps the engineer to access the latest research in chemistry, combustion and chemical engineering. Our aim is to bridge the gap between fundamentals in chemistry and applied engineering.

      Fabian Mauss

      CEO, LOGE


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