Chemistry / LOGEchemistry

Our consultants offer assistance with the formulation of surrogate fuels, development of detailed reaction schemes and mechanism reduction to design solutions for efficient combustion and emission formation modelling.

Engines / LOGEengine / LOGEfuel

We help you evaluate measured data, ensuring the integrity of the experimental setup. Parameter studies coupled with our consultants’ years of know-how enable us to efficiently extrapolate existing data sets to generate full-scale engine maps, accurate for combustion prediction as well as emission formation.

Catalysis / LOGEresearch

With our thorough knowledge of detailed heterogeneous chemistry we can help you modify existing reactions schemes or create completely new models tailored to your fuels. In addition, we can perform parameter studies that track the effects of in-homogeneities in the flow field, delivering results that show the evolution of the catalytic converter in great detail.


We have extensive experience in applying our API in numerous applications; let us for example help you with investigations of knock occurence in gasoline engines, emission formation in diesel engines and air injection methods in exhaust manifolds. We can find the best solution for your needs. Our modelling portfolio contains well-stirred reactor models, interactive flamelet models and advanced conditional moment closure models.

For those in need of introduction or immediate training, we provide courses for the full suite of our software package, LOGEsoft.

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