Today we are releasing the latest addition to our simulation software suite LOGEsoft: LOGEtable, an intuitive and user-friendly chemistry table generator. We’re also releasing new versions of LOGEresearch, LOGEapi and LOGEengine. All updates are available for existing users of LOGEsoft. Further information about our releases can be found on our User Site or in our latest e-newsletter.

LOGEtable is an intuitive and user-friendly table generator designed to ease generation of detailed chemistry tables. LOGEtable works with your own chemical mechanisms and with LOGEfuel mechanisms.

The generated auto-ignition tables can be used in LOGEengine or in LOGEapi’s interfaces with CONVERGE v. 2.2.0_030416, 2.2.0_042916, CONVERGE v. 2.3.15, 2.3.17, 2.3.25 and GT-Power 2017.  The required simulation time can be up to two orders of magnitude shorter than with online chemistry.