Participation Announcement

We are pleased to announce that our sister company, LOGE GmbH, has been selected for participation in the EU grant program ProFIT Brandenburg. The European Development Fund for Regional Development supports SMEs in innovative research and development projects. LOGE’s focus within this project is the development of a software tool for vehicle exhaust after treatment investigation; the new simulation tool will be able to describe and optimize the physical and chemical processes in exhaust after treatment devices, including catalyst ageing.

LOGE’s continuous participation in European research projects is a testament to the hard work and high level of knowledge within our research team, and in line with our strategy to develop software tools that enable our customers to be sustainable and cost efficient.

2016 CONVERGE User Conference

For those of you who missed Corinna Netzer’s presentation at the Converge User Conference, you may now download the presentation from here.

Latest news from our Academic Partner Program

LOGE are pleased to announce that our academic partnership with Imperial College London
has resulted in a newly published Master’s Thesis titled Blow-Down Supercharging in a HCCI engine using EGR.

In her work, MEng. T. Pisanpeeti applied our latest GT-Power/LOGE combustion modeling interface to efficiently investigate emission tendencies in an HCCI engine using detailed chemistry.

Interested in bringing forward the predictive capabilities of your GT-Power engine model? Ask for a test license at contact[at]

If you are interested in our Academic Partner Program, please email us at contact[at]

LOGE at CONVERGE User Conference

Will you be at the 2016 CONVERGE User Conference in Madison, Wisconsin? If so, don’t miss the presentation by Corinna Netzer titled “3D Engine Knock Prediction and Evaluation Based on Detonation Theory” on the 27th of September at 1.45 PM.

Please find the schedule for the event here.