Symposium for Combustion Control

At this year’s edition of the Symposium for Combustion Control in Aachen, Tim Franken will present research conducted with LOGEsoft. The presentation is titled “Assessment of Water Injection in a SI Engine Using a Fast Running Detailed Chemistry-Based Combustion Model”.

Date: June, 29
Time: 12 PM

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New release: LOGEengine 3.0

Through the use of tabulated chemistry LOGEengine 3.0 reaches real time simulation times, making it a natural choice for the engine design and prototyping process. Customer feedback and research has spearheaded the improvements incorporated into the new version of LOGEengine 3.0. At the foundation lies a tabulated chemistry approach which is both disk space efficient and computationally state-of-the-art. This allows you to consider detailed chemistry effects at no additional computational cost as well as to inlcude LOGEengine 3.0 in hardware-in-the-looop simulations.

In addition, Turbulence Chemistry Interaction (TCI) has been improved by introducting k/epsilon based modelling, allowing advanced investigation such as:

a. Analyze the influence of Swirl levels in the cylinder with high fidelity.

b. Analyze influence of multiple injection strategies with high accuracy.

c. Study advanced combustion modes such as RCCI, PCCI and PPC.

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Latest news from our Academic Partner Program

LOGE are pleased to announce that our academic partnership with Imperial College London
has resulted in a newly published Master’s Thesis titled Blow-Down Supercharging in a HCCI engine using EGR.

In her work, MEng. T. Pisanpeeti applied our latest GT-Power/LOGE combustion modeling interface to efficiently investigate emission tendencies in an HCCI engine using detailed chemistry.

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