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Cantore, G., Montorsi, L., Mauss, F., Amnéus, P., Erlandsson, O., Johansson, B. and Morel, T.Analysis of a 6-Cylinder Turbocharged HCCI Engine Using A Detailed Kinetic MechanismASME, Internal Combustion Engine Division, 2002 Spring Technical Conference, April 14.-17. Rockford, Illinois, USA.
Montorsi, L., Mauss, F., Bianchi, G.M., Bhave, A. and Kraft, M.Analysis of the HCCI Combustion of a Turbocharged Truck Engine using a Stochastic Reactor ModelASME, Internal Combustion Engine Division, 2002 Fall Technical Conference, September 8.-11. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.


Soyhan, H.S., Løvås, T., and Mauss, F.A Stochastic Simulation of an HCCI Engine Using an Automatically Reduced MechanismPaper No. 2001-ICE-416, ASME