Channel Partners

LOGE channel partners are organisations with strong vertical, geographical knowledge who provide additional routes to market and enable us to drive extra value for our customers.

Product Partners

Leading organisations we partner with to enhance and extend our solutions through interoperability and integration.

Industry, technology and research organisations

LOGE plays an active part in many leading industry, technology and research networks and organisations.

Public Projects

LOGE is proud to have been selected for participation in many public and EU funded research projects over the years. The participation in these projects have been of tremendous importance for LOGE in terms of growth and expertise development.

Academic Partners

LOGE collaborates with high ranked universities and research centers with the intention of connecting our expertise within chemistry related areas with global academic research and innovation work.

If you are interested in teaming with us to advance the future of combustion, please contact our partner account representative.

Andrea Matrisciano
LOGE Partner Representative

Imperial College London
Tipphawan PisanpeetiBlow-Down Supercharging in a HCCI engine using EGRImperial College London
Lund University
Nilsson, T.Development of a Simulation Methodology for Gas Turbine CombustionLund University